Building Consensus

At Building Consensus, we specialize in making development projects into realities—and we do it in the fastest, most cost effective, worry free and profitable manner possible.

Building Consensus is unique in the construction management industry.  No other company delivers concept-to-completion design/build services entirely in-house.  Building Consensus applies its signature hands-on collaborative approach to every project, working as a true team with our clients, always guided by our client’s objectives, never losing sight of the bottom line and ever striving to exceed all goals and expectations.  We’re by your side every step of the way, because your success is our success.

Building Consensus is continually setting new standards for the construction industry by:

  • Assembling a world class team of project managers, architects, engineers, designers, security professionals, marketing professionals and artists

  • Designing and building distinctive landmarks

  • Engineering the most secure, crime-resistant buildings in the industry

  • Forging strong collaborative relationships with clients to ensure smooth-running projects

  • Meeting all established objectives for success to ensure client satisfaction

  • Establishing an impressive record with renewable energy and carbonless footprint for green construction



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